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Love is just too weak of a word to express what I feel for you. One life is just not enough to tell you how madly in love I am with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Each moment that I am far from you, it seems that my tears could fill the ocean blue. I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day!

The day we met is a day I will never ever forget. I have never been so happy since they day I found you. Happy Valentine’s Day my love!

Every time I see you, I could feel a little flame in my heart lighting up. And that’s because I truly love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart! I am really lucky to have you in my life. You are fun, crazy and smart, and being with you is definitely the happiest moment in my life.

Dearest sweetheart, you are a haven for my heart and a refuge for my soul, Happy Valentine’s Day!
I consider myself the luckiest person on Earth it’s because I own the most precious jewel in the whole universe, and that is you, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I don’t really know how to come up with great messages, but I just want you to know how special you are to me. I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day my darling! I promise to love you today, tomorrow and forever… up to the day I die.